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October 17 2017

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I am honestly glad (and a bit surprised, through sheer willpower alone) that I managed to get it on my second attempt. But boy howdy did that fight make me want to slip on a banana peel and instantly die.

So very glad it wasn’t the final battle though, the final fight was definitely a redeeming, glorious and fair battle that I was amped up and ready for.

Sorry to everybody seeing the text posts and replies this late at night, I’m off to bed now, with dreams of Majima dancing all night in my head.

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That guy was also annoying, but not nearly as much as this second to last battle of the game. Like I gotta find a video of someone speedrunning that part to know what I shoulda done to make it less miserable.


I finished Yakuza Kiwami, it was a really great time, and I enjoyed everything about it.

Except for one battle near the end that was the most infuriating bullshit the game could have thrown at me, and I need to look up if I did something wrong, or if it’s really that much shit.

But nonetheless, good game, balances the serious and heartfelt with the goofy and stupid really well.

I give it a Majima in a dress out of Ten

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Inktober’s back on! THE SUPER PUNCH!Inks 7-15/31! Featuring(deep breath): Saitama, Doomfist, Captain Falcon, Goku, Kenshiro, Deku, All Might, Superman, and the Hulk!


October OC Challenge 2017 - Day 16

Rawket (Slightly redesigned here and there)

I haven’t forgotten Rawket, but I had just been more focused on the OCs that actually have a world they’d live within, where Rawket is just on her own.


$20 October commissions


still looking for more $20 USD commissions. Email me at SBDraws@gmail.com for inquiries.

It’ll get ya 1 full body character in black + white. Plz consider!!

October 16 2017

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October OC Challenge 2017 - Day 15


[ Name Pending ]

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Inktober Day 14

Just made it with this one…

Zelgadis from Slayers!


October 15 2017

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Bibi and June makeout OC discount commission for DrewsGroove


Commission Info

Finishing up those OC discounts from September, and some other commissions that have come along since then. Gotta catch up, slowly but surely.

Don’t forget (cause I keep doing so) I have a Ko-Fi too, for random acts of generosity!

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October OC Challenge 2017 - Day 14

Centuar Guard who is lousy at his job, because he’s too pre-occupied with his own vanity than guarding whatever he’s guarding. (Also refuses to wear his standard issue helmet, cause it’ll mess with his hair)

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“Aww, come on! I didn’t hit you THAT hard, did I?”

A big ol pic of Dempsey for @atomictiki​‘s Bunny Suit Art Jam 

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October OC Challenge 2017 - Day 13

Hunter Knotworth

He thinks he’s the hottest shit, but he’s an absolute failure at everything he attempts

I bet the fur isn’t even REAL

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Bibi fisted commission

October 14 2017

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So I asked people to tell me their favourite female characters so I could have something to sprite while I get out of my slump.

My slump was harder to overcome but I am not gonna get into that.

Anyways I got a lot of requests, so I used wheel decide to pick the ladies you see here. I will get to the rest maybe later.

Mayu - Vocaloids

Riesbyfe - Melty Blood

Makoto - Persona 5

Cyborg 21 - Dragonball fighter Z

Amazon - Dragon’s crown

Ange - Princess Principal

Sniper Wolf - Metal gear solid

Selphie - Final Fantasy 8


October 13 2017

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October OC Challenge 2017 - Day 12

Harerietta mixing some potions

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[PRE-ORDER] Nendoroid Sucy Manbavaran

“I kind of had a hunch before, but Akko’s really an idiot…”


From the anime series “Little Witch Academia” comes a Nendoroid of Akko’s roommate, Sucy Manbavaran! She also comes with the “The Sucy that Wants to Spit on the World” as a bonus extra part! Next up in the Little Witch Academia nendoroid series is Nendoroid Lotte Yanson! ★

- Kitty ❀

October 12 2017

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October OC Challenge 2017 - Day 11

Priss and Avie-Lynn double feature

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