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February 07 2018

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February 03 2018


Full up on commissions now, with a few extra than I normally take at one time.

Thank you everyone for buyin’ a comm, and thank you for those who reblog, and thank you Canadian rock band Rush for being awesome. Amen.


Need Commissions

5 Open Spots

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Marisa’s Freckle Butt Commission

February 02 2018

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Prototype 12 and Kneesa Lineart commission

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Mouse Gnome Penne Commission

February 01 2018

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Penne x Linne comic commission

January 29 2018




So let’s try this

For the time being, what I plan to do:

  • Sketches - 20 dollars
  • Linearts - 30 dollars
  • Flat colors - 50 dollars

What I won’t draw (for now): Anything NSFW beyond nudity, having some tits and dicks is fine though.  If your order contains NSFW material I won’t post it publicly. Completed SFW stuff may go up on this blog or not, but you can always upload them on your blogs or galleries if you want to.

For payment I’ll use Paypal Invoices so make sure you can use that and that you provide a valid e-mail adress when the order is agreed upon.

If you’re interested in commissioning me you may contact me via mcmr.arts@gmail.com

This e-mail adress will be our main means of correspondence. Also take note that this adress is my contact adress, not my paypal adress.

Write what you want, if possible with references, and I’ll get back to you on wether or not your commission has been accepted.

If you want to receive WIPs, previews or steps to see how your order progresses, make sure you state in time (probably unnecessary for sketch commissions).

If you have any further questions regarding your commision(s), what I’ll do and what I won’t do, feel free to ask before you order something.

One last thing: Remember timezones are a thing and that IRL duties can get the better of me. I’ll try my best to answer as quickly as I can and to complete commissions as soon as possible. If delays are forseeable I’ll let you know.

Edit: Summary for your convenience:

  • Name
  • Paypal adress
  • Type of commission
  • Description/References
  • Specify if you want to keep it private

January 24 2018


January 23 2018

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ICONOCLASTS is now available on PC and Playstation 4/Vita!!

$20, 20€, £18, JP¥2000

(NA Playstation a bit later today)

I hope you enjoy my mix of things I’ve loved as a youngster, coming together in this narrative-driven action adventure game!

Love y'all.

January 22 2018

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Elf x Amazon Full Colour w/ Background Commission for MultiBro

January 21 2018

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Less than two days (January 23) before Iconoclasts shows up on Steam and Playstation!



January 20 2018

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Kishin Sagume Rough Colour Sketch Commission for Notsafeforanywoona

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Robin from Iconoclasts

I’m excited to finally play the game.

January 19 2018

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Majin Android 21

Bump for the evening crowd.

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Bandwagon: Hopped On

Day Reblog and also forgot to sign my username on this one, but its already everywhere by now, so whatever.

January 18 2018

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Kyotek Lineart Commission for CN

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Bandwagon: Hopped On

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